Thursday, January 7, 2010

how to get....


So, You like to get a girl, who is your class mate, colleague, girl at next door, a party chick or some one? You are a shy guy to start with girls? Keep this in your mind always "Girls aren't aliens to fear about". Kick your foolish shyness and fear at first.

Be a Man:
Do not degrade yourself with your inferior things. Look at the couples you see at beach, park & every where else.. If he can get a girl then why not you?

First Meet/Date/Conversation?
Buddy, You need to make her get relaxed. So, Do not stand in front of her like an escaped prisoner with rolling eyes. First relax yourself and understand the environment then start, Just say good day wishes, smile and move forward the conversation with interesting topics. There is a magic lie which always attracts a girl. Tell her that "You looks really nice. This dress perfectly suits you" end this line with a nice smile. This is your first trap.

What is your personality?
Do you able to describe about yourself with couple of lines? Do not try to makeup some fake characters into your personality. Just "Be Yourself"

Are you a Jerk or Nice guy?
Most of the girls feel nice guys are such boring personalities. Don't be a 100% funny guy always. It will create a joker impression about you instead of attractiveness.

Your conversations with a girl:
when a girl talk about something she like, an incident, a sad moment, her last summer trip, her pets or anything else, You need to follow "Shut Up and Listen" rule. Stop commenting, Stop giving suggestions, Stop giving advices, Stop arguments when she talk. Just shut up your bad mouth and listen what she says. She don't need a world's greatest idea from you when she talk something emotional. All she need is a caring person who respects what she is saying.

Help an old lady cross the street. Be a role model for kids to look up to. Be kind to animals. Being considerate to others, no matter the age, gender, or species, is sure to make any girl's heart melt.

Be Talkative:
Girls like such an interesting guys who talk funny, naughty (sometimes), caring & polite. Just be social.

Know more about her:
You have to know about her most happiest/sad moments. Close friends, Family, Co-Workers, Her favorite food, her hobbies. Do not ask all of these to her like a survey guy. Just know it in different moments.

Your Thoughts:
If she say "Eminem is the only one who can rap very well. all others are pure crap!" Don't say "yes yes.. emimen is BEST.. I like him". Just say what you think really in polite way, This would be better, "Yes Eminem is nice.. But 50cent & Dr.Dre too perform nice, You must listen <50-c>
look how great all are they.. these three guys rap nice.".

How to be an interested guy?
If she like something, then ask about her thoughts & comments about it. Let her to talk much about her favorite things. Do not let it to be a questioner session.

Learn to play at least a single musical instrument,
Learn to dance,
Have some interesting hobbies like boat riding, rock climbing,

Do not Hurt or Kid her friends:
Do not try lame jokes to kid her friends. As you are a new person to her, You need to be friendly to all of her friends too.

TRUST Yourself
First of all trust yourself, You can do it even millions of successful guys do. You lose nothing if she denies you. Just have a try learn the lesson "How to attract".

benda ni aku copy paste je, nasihat utk diri sendiri jugak la kan, hahaha. aku rasa aku dah byk tersilap langkah dulu bila aku baca benda ni. haaaa. kan dah menyesal... ;-( errrrr maksud aku bukan dari segi dptkan perempuan, tapi dari segi menjaga hati perempuan.

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Diza Ramli said...

kau dah obses sangat ke ngan si zooey nie wei? haha.

Amar Hafizi said...

aku tak obses. saja hias blog aku. kalau tulisan je, jemu jgk.

aizat and ainie said...

ye la tu.. kat FB pun da letak pix muka minah nie.. hehehe~

aizat and ainie said...

ye la tu.. kat FB pun da letak pix muka minah nie.. hehehe~

Diza Ramli said...

okay takpe. aku tau kau suka dia. haha.

Amar Hafizi said...

hahaha, deng u zack! hahaha

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